No one brings the energy quite like Timo Petrasch. (Photo courtesy Timo Petrasch)

There are two ways to spell “energizing.” There’s the regular way, and there’s T-I-M-O. Going into his 5th season of the LDET, Timo Petrasch has cemented his standing as one of the tour’s most exciting players to watch. His athletic performance is one thing, but it’s his energizing charisma that’s made him a fan-favorite.

Asked about his mentality in the tee box, “The German Bomber” says he’s full of adrenaline. “I need to hit the ball so hard, and I when I hit a good shot I have to show the crowd my emotions,” he says. “And when the crowd pushes me I can hit the ball [farther]!”

The 29-year-old from Munich began swinging the clubs at age 11 and after 13 years joined the ranks of the professional circuits. His years of experience have shaped his mentality on and off the course with morning cardio routines and afternoon long drive sessions. During the winter months, training sessions move indoors.

Aside from the LDET, Petrasch, the no. 5-ranked LDET player, also competes in the German Long Drive, UK American Golf and New Zealand tours, and the World Long Drive Championships.

“It’s amazing to hit with these other golf freaks from around the world,” Petrasch says of playing in the LDET. But when it comes to his competition, he’s focused on himself rather than sizing up his counterparts, and pushing himself whether fellow countryman and tour player Vincent Palm.

Petrasch is bringing a strategic goal into to the 2018 season. “I want to hit 50% on the grid,” he says. “When I can do that I have a good chance to win some tournaments!” Other than that, of course, “My main goal is the World Championships!”

Petrasch’s 2018 run at the LDET title begins April 7th with the France Championship at the Hotel Golf Château de Chailly, and he’ll certainly be looking forward to a home crowd atmosphere at the Germany Championship at Müncherner Golf Club, Munich, July 28-29, which is sure to be one of the most exciting events of the year.

Needless to say, this LDET veteran isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and his fanbase is only going to keep growing. Few things in this game are more exciting than watching The German Bomber on the tee box.

Fans can connect with Timo Petrasch on Instagram @timopetraschtgb, on Facebook @thegermanbomber, and online at timo-Petrasch.de.