Vincent Palm

No. 2 ranked LDET player Vincent Palm has his eyes set on the top spot in 2018. (Photo courtesy LDET)

Vincent Palm isn’t like your average 22 year-old. The Koblenz, Germany, native — one of the youngest on tour— has his eyes firmly set on the no.1 LDET spot after finishing second to Matt Nicolle in 2017. Impressive as his own 2017 performance was, 2018 will be Palm’s third season on the Long Drivers European Tour, and he has no plans of slowing down.

“My goal is to be the best hitter in Europe,” Palm says, “and to push my name in the network all over the globe.”

His confidence doesn’t come without backing. Palm started golfing in his preteens before honing his talent for long drive. He won Germany its first LDET title in history in Hungary last year — that winning ball set last year’s season record at 424-yards.

“I train very hard in the gym and on the range improving my swing. I use speed sticks and follow a special plan I made for myself,” the young bomber says. “I’m looking forward to playing more tournaments in LDET … and in the two events in Germany which are very professionally organized.” He’s also looking forward to competing in the American Golf Long Drive Championship in the U.K., as well as other events “all over the world.”

And while Palm has his focus set on world domination — he’s hoping to compete in the World Long Drive Championships in Thackerville, Oklahoma, this September as well — he’s having a great time all along the way.

“I love the LEDT … so many nice dudes, friends and players,” Palm says. “It’s so much fun out there with these guys, it’s truly a really awesome relationship between all the players, and we make every tournament a really cool atmosphere for the audience.”

Among those dudes is Matt Nicolle, LDET no.1 ranked player. “Nicolle is a very quality hitter, and a good friend of mine,” Palm says. “There are so many hitters who are great, but I think he’s the biggest competition.”

The vivacious young man’s aspirations stretch beyond the course, too, as he’s pursuing a career in dentistry. “Sometimes it’s not easy combining my passion for the LDET with my studies, but I love it and and feel very successful right now,” Palm says.

Palm and the rest of the LDET field begin the 2018 season in the France Championship at the Hotel Golf Château de Chailly, April 7th – 8th.