About CGB

We’re just a bunch of dudes enjoying a very nontraditional golf lifestyle

Make golf in the Centennial State more accessible for players at any level, that was the original goal of ColoradoGolfBlog. But what started as single social media handle sharing golf memes and lifestyle content shed light on the inspirational momentum of young golfers, and not just in our home state. Now, CGB’s goal is to do everything we can to support that momentum, and to ensure the game we love — and playing it in our beloved state — is something for everyone.

We are a group of professional parents, journalists, students and contractors — far from the pro tour. We work our day jobs while dreaming of the links, and chasing birdies any chance we get. If you’ve read this far into our content, I’m guessing we’re just like you.

Our sport has reached yet another turning point in its storied history, as witnessed by the young, boisterous new energy reflected in today’s leaderboards. And we couldn’t be any more excited about the future. All signs point to golf’s continued rise in popularity, as slow a process it may seem, which lends to the idea of welcoming a new age of players with open arms — forget the purists.

For now, though, we hope to provide Colorado course and industry product reviews you can use, with a focus on the smaller companies working hard to keep the game desirable to fringe golfers. (See what I did there?) The courses speak for themselves.

We don’t care if you’re shooting scratch or hacking in the 120s. Bag the sticks and meet us at the course.

— Craig Lemley, Co-Founder & Editor