The CGB Tournament Series celebrates 6 years in 2023, bringing Colorado’s best golf tournaments to a course near you.

Join us Saturday, June 10th at King’s Deer Golf Club for the best scramble series you’ll find in the high country.

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Golf Internet is divided over Charlie Woods’ golf swing video

Last weekend wasn’t about any thing of real substance, it was about a 10 year-old’s golf swing.

Putter Buddy is your greenside caddy

Wet grips, forgotten wedges, towel-less when you need it most — just a few of the many lesser-pleasures of golf. Most of us average golfers don't enjoy caddy service regularly, but the Putter Buddy ($19.95, towel included) makes for a good stand-in. There's not a lot...

The Wilson C300 driver opens your game to another level

It's not often an audible "wow" is heard while opening packages at the CGB headquarters, but the sleek design and stunning finish on the new C300 driver from Wilson Staff stopped us in our tracks. Last year's offerings from Wilson proved the company is serious about...

How Tiger’s blasting 180 yard wedge shots, and you can too (maybe)

If you’ve never seen your ball soar effortlessly through the thin air at high altitude, you’re missing out.

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