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The CGB Tournament Series celebrates 5-years in 2002, bringing Colorado’s best golf tournaments to a course near you.

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Ampcaddy golf speakers reign supreme in battle of the brands

When it comes to blasting your on-course soundtrack, theres only one company that can really turn it up.

Timo Petrasch brings signature charisma to 2018 with confidence

There are two ways to spell “energizing.” There’s the regular way, and there’s T-I-M-O.

UpSide’s LOCKON rangefinder has overpriced golf tech in its crosshairs

With just the right amount of features and an unbeatable price, UpSide’s LOCKON Laser Rangefinder clearly has its sights set on improving your game.

Antler Creek’s ‘hardest 4-hole stretch in CO’

Be warned before entering ‘The Gauntlet’ at Antler Creek Golf Course in Peyton, Colorado.

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