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The CGB Tournament Series celebrates 5-years in 2002, bringing Colorado’s best golf tournaments to a course near you.

Join us Monday, October 17th at Perry Park Country Club for the best scramble series you’ll find a mile high.

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Arrowhead Golf Club is a sight for everyone to behold

Arrowhead Golf Club offers an experience every golfer can — and should — enjoy to the fullest.

Taking a stroll through the beautiful Perry Park

A rich history and truly breath-taking landscape lying just outside the scope of the mainstream.

Putter Buddy is your greenside caddy

Wet grips, forgotten wedges, towel-less when you need it most — just a few of the many lesser-pleasures of golf. Most of us average golfers don't enjoy caddy service regularly, but the Putter Buddy ($19.95, towel included) makes for a good stand-in. There's not a lot...

The new Premier Golf League faces a classic existential crisis

Supposedly two years from launching, the PGL is in the middle of a philosophical dilemma.

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