We weren’t expecting the kind of fire power that arrived at the CGB doorstep courtesy of Bomtech Golf. As of late, the company best known for “pulling the pin” in the driver game has been introducing a variety of clubs, including a full set of wedges your buddies won’t be able to keep their hands off of.

Unwrapping the 52-, 56- and 60-degree wedges — sadly, we didn’t make the short list for the company’s intriguing 72-degree — was nothing short of an “oh my God” moment, dulled only by the question of who in the CGB crew would get to claim the first hacks.

After 54 holes with the Grenade wedges in our arsenal, here are our notes:

Look: 4/5

A sleek, polished finish showcases the clubs’ forging lines with subtle brand logos. We’d like to see multiple finish options made available — brushed steel, matte black, etc. — but appreciate the simplicity of the design. At address, the club face is very inviting to the user, boosting green side confidence more so than other wedges, especially the 60-degree. The subtly is akin to the Callaway PM-Grind when comparing size, but with a more traditional head shape.

Feel: 4/5
Understand that feel is all user specific — some prefer a harder club face, as in this case. The feel and response is immediate with the Bombtech wedges, but the softer face contributes to a lack of spin generation inside 60 yards. Average players struggle to generate large amounts of spin to begin with, so we’ve come to expect a bit more “bite” from wedges marketed to weekend golfers. (Translation: We need all the spin generation help we can get.)

Forgiveness: 5/5

As mentioned before, it’s hard not to notice how large these club faces are — there’s a lot to love. The larger face enables flush contact in a variety of lies and makes bending full shots a breeze. (What’s better than seeing that kind of response inside of 130 yds?) The club angle seems steeper at address, promoting a more consistently square point-of-contact — a common struggle for most on touchy green side plays.


Overall: 4.5/5

First off, 3 forged clubs for $99!? ‘Nuff said. If you’re looking for a deal on some head turning, game changing wedges, your search is over. And if Bomtech ever delivers different finishing options — and maybe some shaft and grip upgrades, while we’re asking — and a $99 starting price, our arguably overpriced stock Vokey wedges are heading straight to EBay.

Bombtech Golf is a lot more than just a driver manufacturer, that much is very clear. The Grenade wedge set has proven to be a pleasant surprise, and earned a permanent place in the CGB bag. These clubs are definitely worth giving a shot if you’re wanting more bang for your buck, literally. Pull the pin.

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