Arnold Palmer ApparellAs younger generations of golfers impact the game with tremendous buying power, the image of the game is quite literally changing. Neon ensembles made famous by one Mr. Fowler, and eccentric prints and loud patters donned by the likes of John Daly and others have found their way onto public courses. But, golf being golf, a strong testament to tradition remains.

Arnold Palmer Apparel, as the name should suggest, is among the best performance golf clothing to come through the CGB headquarters. From the fit and the fabrics to the styles and performance, the official clothing line of the King himself impresses. The company’s shirts tout moisture wicking fabric keeping players comfortable in the steamiest of conditions while also protecting from harmful UV rays, and the flexible material moves with the body through the full range of motion. Palmer polos come in a variety of colors and traditional styles, each with a cleverly iconic name associated with the golf legend, and range from $50 to $60.

Pants and shorts are also available from Arnold Palmer Apparel, each offering similar performance material. Though bottoms usually aren’t the most exciting part of a golf ensemble, the company’s designs shine in the details. Rivets emblazoned with the iconic umbrella set these pieces apart, capped by impeccable cuts and creases that withstand the wear and tear of the course. Though the colors and designs are fewer, Arnold Palmer Apparel pants and shorts will compliment any golf wardrobe, ranging from $45 to $65.

Weather on the course can often times be as unpredictable as one’s game — something we know well here in Colorado — making midlayers and outerwear and essential addition to course attire. As important as they are, I’ve found these pieces are amongst the hardest to shop for, and more often than not, I’m left disappointed in one way or another. Palmer Apparel’s offerings in this category made me a believer once again, with pieces designed for a range of conditions. Performance is one thing, but it’s the fit that usually gets me — it’s all in the sleeves. To my delight, I found these pieces move easily throughout my swing and the sleeves don’t ever interfere with my grip at all. If you’re looking for a go-to in this category of golf clothing, look no further. (Check the website for prices and styles.)

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. (Hats, belts, and other accessories are available, too, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

Arnold Palmer Apparel is closely tied to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation, one of the foremost philanthropic organizations in the industry, providing financial support via retail purchases. Golf is pricey as it is, and so is the associated apparel. But knowing my dollars are helping not only helping grow the game, but also helping change people’s lives, makes clicking the checkout button a lot easier. Given the close ties the game has to nonprofit organizations — when’s the last time you played in a scramble not benefitting a charity of some kind? — companies fostering social endeavors through sales seems a natural fit, and very welcomed.

Fashion is as big a part of today’s game as the game itself, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. And companies big and small will continue to attract and equip golfers of any style, eccentric or traditional, on and off the course. Fact is, the golf attire industry has reached a point where consumers can now make more conscience buying decisions — beyond the aesthetics — without sacrificing individual style preferences. Arnold Palmer Apparel is a shining example of what the industry should strive for.

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