OUUL cart bag

OUUL cart bags have room to pack just about anything.

Outside of your ball, there are few thing you interact with on the course more than your golf bag. Stand bags, cart bags, staff bags (if you’re that guy), rigid, collapsable or oversized; they come in many forms and for many functions. It’s easy to settle on a bag you won’t think twice about after it’s strapped to the cart, but your golf bag deserves more respect.

OUUL golf bags stand out from the status quo, as will you when you drop one off in front of the clubhouse. Each of OUUL’s five lines of stand and cart bags is unlike any other on the market, literally speaking as OUUL designs its own materials and patterns. The company sent two of its offerings to the CGB to see how they handle our style of golf.

There’s no better feeling than arriving home to a giant package on your doorstep — and there’s nothing worse than picking it up and thinking it’s empty. That should be expected with OUUL’s super light stand bags from the Python collection (prices vary), weighing in at a whopping 2.7lbs and with a striking snakeskin patterned design, a comfortable, four-point back strap and multiple handles for convenience. Stocked with clubs and gear, the super light still doesn’t clang about or cause discomfort when you’re criss-crossing the fairway between shots, and the sturdy base and legs work flawlessly with the natural motion of setting a bag down.

It really is amazing how light this golf bag is, but it does come at a price. Outside of the cavernous club cavities, storage space is pretty limited with only three pockets. That said, each is big enough to carry whatever you may really need during your round — we manage a jacket, the included rain cover, balls and tees, ball markers and a divot tool, a range finder, sunscreen, bug spray and a tool, along with beer and snacks, of course. (There’s also a towel hook and an umbrella fastener.) Our biggest concern was with the curiously thin material — almost silk-like — but after surviving a notorious springtime in the Rockies, the bag shows no wearing. An insulated beverage holder is a great idea to upgrade a standard feature, but it’s a tight fit even for smaller containers.

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Space is non-factor when considering OUUL’s 15-way cart bag from the Ribbed collection ($169.99), with eight pockets, a full length divider, and multiple handle options too. You can pack EVERYTHING you could ever need on the course and more, in pockets located exactly where you’d want them to be and designed for easy organization. The ribbed nylon pattern is a subtle conversation starter — unique, durable, and masking dirt and blemishes well. When it comes time to clean this bag, though, the ribs make it a little more tedious of an endeavor. Lastly, this bag sports a cart-formed design, not usually carried from tee to green. Full of clubs (and, again, just about anything else we could think to pack) this bag is a little less steady on its base, a minor issue for a purpose-built cart bag.

Worth noting, too, is OUUL’s matching lines of luggage, duffel and tote bags, backpacks and more offerings to round out your look, if you find a print you can’t live without.

Whether you’re going with a lighter golf bag for an easier walk or storage-forward to pack every club and training aid you own — a modern, subtle design or a show stopping statement piece — OUUL’s collections are worth a spot at the top of your wish list.

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