Arnold Palmer

Debby Wong / Shutterstock

In less than a month now we’ll once again be celebrating “a tradition unlike any other.” The 2017 Masters will certainly be unlike any other — our first without the beloved, late Arnold Palmer.

There is absolutely nothing I can say about the King, Palmer, that you can’t find better stated by someone who actually knew him. As a life-long amateur golfer who grew up holding Palmer’s name higher than any other, I know the mark he left on the game — having taken it for granted from time to time — and am forever grateful for the relationship and warmth he shared with his fans. But my favorite memories of Palmer are those shared by the pros themselves, mainly the advice he’d give them in passing about how to carry themselves on the tour. It’s that advice that’s helped shaped the new culture and characters of professional golf, open to all shapes, sizes, colors and classes of upcoming fans.

Though we will forever be indebted, we fans can still make the most of this Masters week as a tribute — Arnie’s Army keeping traditions creating new ones in Palmers honor. CGB won’t be the only ones tipping our caps to the skies above Augusta next month. Whether you were a life-long fan or just know you have respects to pay, here are some good ways to do it:

What would Arnold do?


Depending on who you ask, 1-part iced tea and 1-part lemonade — on the rocks. But because we live in a two-sided world, some people believe it’s actually 3-parts iced tea and 1-part lemonade, citing video evidence (an ESPN commercial).

If you’re above Lipton and Country Time, try this in-depth recipe via Serious Eats, or take it to another level and add some bourbon. No matter which way you take it, Arnold Palmers are the drink of choice all Masters week.

Know the legend


If you need to brush up on your history on the man himself, there have already been dozens of tributes since his passing, the most recent being “Arnold Palmer,” via NBC. The PGA TourGolf Channel, and Golf Digest all share touching remembrances as well.

Dress the part


Lord knows you’re never going to get to slip on a green jacket, but that doesn’t excuse you from looking like a shlub. Green and yellow are the colors of the week — we’ll be sporting Masters prints from Weekend Warrior and Swing Juice all week long.

Eat right


  • Cheeses
  • Pimentos
  • Mayo
  • Dijon
  • White bread

Now we’re cooking. Courtesy of GOLF, Augusta’s famed Pimento Cheese sammies are just a few easy steps away in your kitchen. Put your summer body goals on hold — this is turkey on Thanksgiving status.

Swing the sticks


The sun rises over the practice green at Four Mile ranch. So close you can touch it.

We have four days of tournament coverage ahead of us, even more if you count everything before and after play begins. You don’t need to be there for all of it. Palmer made golf an everyday man’s game, it was all for naught if your ass doesn’t hit the course whenever you can. Masters week if the perfect time to gather your foursome, I think it’s safe to count Arnie as a fifth.