Colorado Golf Blog live on SwingCast

You can now follow the CGB crew from tee to green as we take to the world’s premiere courses in friendly competition. Back tracking a little bit, we’re talking about playing video games, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour to be exact, and streaming live via SwingCast on Twitch.

Colorado Golf Blog picks up the sticks Monday evenings from 7-Midnight (MST), shooting for prizes for viewers (including cash for hole-in-ones) and doing what we do best — talking trash, and playing golf our way (read: under the influence).


As a group of golfers who grew up in the era when Tiger Woods video games reigned supreme, we were pretty confident our years of experience would translate to the more recent Rory franchise. Not so. We’ve had to say goodbye to the flyover view features and the magic of “Tiger Vision” to make things interesting. If we’ve learned anything so far it’s that golf video games bring out the same exact emotions we have on the course, for better or worse — and that being belittled by 12-year-old gaming addicts only adds another layer to it.

Download the free Twitch app for any of your mobile and gaming devices and follow cofounder Lee Johnson, contributors Seth Bates, Travis Bromley, Blaine Willeford, and more from the CGB crew each Monday for a look at how we play the game.

Author: Craig Lemley

Co-Founder, Editor

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