The entire list of World Golf’s amenities is much too long to address everything at once. In short, it’s a one-of-a-kind golf oasis on the southeast side of Colorado Springs. The World Golf complex touts a multi-level driving range, a practice green, a miniature golf course, a pro shop, a restaurant, a golf simulator, and an executive nine-hole course, which we’re highlighting in this space.

The course, the Sand Creek part of the complex, is one of two executive courses in the Springs — that we know of. It’s cheap, plays fast, and offers shooters A LOT of scoring opportunities. But it’s the nuances that allow Sand Creek to avoid being written off as a novelty.


Chasing the sun on the no. 8 green.

This is not a serious round of golf. That ought to start setting in as you’re standing on the first tee box, making a crucial decision that’ll impact your entire round: red flags or yellow flags. Each green sports two cups; one is standard diameter, the other is big enough for a beach ball. All of this isn’t to say that you can’t take your round at S.C. seriously, it’s just not as fun. On the other hand, if you end up with an ace on your scorecard playing the oversized cups, the onus is on you and your group to decide the legitimacy — I won’t judge.

No. 1 is one of seven par-3s — two back-to-back par-4s complete the layout. These holes are stacked right on top of one another, it’s not that hard to get mixed up on the tee box so pay mind to the layout on the scorecard. Aside from the blind landing on the no. 1 green, S.C. is a target-shooter’s dream come true with few hazards and multiple approaches to most of the greens.

The greens are pretty straight-forward, no crazy undulations or awkward hole placements. And there aren’t any hard dog legs or blind approaches. Actually, you won’t find anything out of the ordinary at S.C., that is until you notice the pirate ship resting near the creek bed from the no. 3 tee box. It’s hard to say how it got there, or more importantly, why, but like I said, nuances…


“I think I holed it.” Twilight dreaming on the drivable no. 4 par-4.

Long hitters get their kicks on the no. 4 and no. 5 par-4s, both offering great eagle opportunities — albatross if you bring the big stick. No. 4 starts at an elevated tee box, the fairway starting after about 50 yards of thick brush and a the namesake creek — at this point just a ditch, really. No. 5 runs the opposite direction, parallel to no. 4, with an elevated green set to the right of a water hazard, separated from the fairway by the creek.

Finishing with four consecutive par-3s, one can see how some players may find the round lacking and unsubstantial. But you’re also only paying for what you get. Non-member green fees run $11 for nine; World Golf also offers multiple memberships and “Unlimited” packages that offer additional savings around the complex (find more details via the course website).

World Golf and Sand Creek is a golf complex like no other in the Springs. A huge, stadium-lit practice range, an indoor golf simulator, a pro shop offering fittings, repairs, lessons, and new and used clubs, miniature golf, and more only add to its lure. There is truly something for everyone here. You have plenty of reasons to book a tee time.