CGB isn’t above tooting our own horn from time to time, especially when we see other change-makers in the industry seeing us (that makes sense, right?).

The second issue of GolfStatus magazine, the publishing arm of the golf-centric tech company, gives a nod to a number of familiar faces working hard to make golf great again along with CGB; Beautiful Golf Courses (@beautifulgolfcourses), GolfBalled (@golfballed), and Women With Drive (@womenwithdrive) round out the rest of the Q&As in the piece titled “The Next Generation of Golf: How Millennials are Changing the Game.”

The GolfStatus folks did all the legwork for the project and repetition won’t do that any justice — so be sure to check it out — in short, a new generation of players has arrived to change the game, and the change is happening online.

A snippet from the CGB interview:

GolfStatus: How is social media changing the game?

CGB: So many people were turned off of golf because of its reputation and image, but we’re changing that image … We just go out there and be ourselves. And the market is responding.

GolfStatus itself is on the front lines of bringing golf into the digital mainstream. It’s a mobile platform designed to connect golfers with the information they need on the course, and connecting courses and marketers with a new generation of tech savvy players.

Golf isn’t about stuffy clubhouses chock-full of snobby elites and inflated egos, it never should have been. Golf is a game anyone can play — and should — it’s a wonderful equalizer, and just a damn good time. This beautiful game is back on the up-and-up, and not just because of underground change-makers. Change was a long time coming, and though some may not like it, it’s going to happen. We’re just glad to be along for the ride.