There are certain people who you can just tell smoke weed — apparently we here at the CGB are amongst those people.

When CLICKON Golf producers/filmmakers Ian Cumming and Jeremy Frankenthal contacted us wanting to talk about “cannabis and golf in Colorado,” we weren’t really sure what they had in mind. (Just another day on the course for us.)

“We gotta go to Top Golf to do this interview about weed and golf,” CGB cofounder Lee Johnson texted me. “What do they want to know?” I replied back.

“IDK but I said yes,” Lee said. Of course he did.

CGB wasn’t at the top of the list of interviewees for CLICKON’s documentary, Mile-High Golf— we were just one of the few who would actually talk to them about the relationship between golf and weed in Colorado. “We didn’t think it’d be that big a deal,” Jeremy said about the reservations people had when approached with the subject. Lucky for them, if you offer us an evening at Top Golf and want to talk about weed, we’re always available.

The short of it is yes, whether the old guard likes it or not, weed and golf go together in Colorado maybe a little bit more than other places — legalization really is a beautiful thing — but that’s CLICKON’s story to tell.

The game of golf and the culture around it are changing forever, and the pot-heads are going to be amongst those playing through. Visit us in Colorado — get high and let if fly.