A last minute gift guide for the golfer in your life

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have been long been the majors, so to speak, of the holiday shopping season. But not everyone makes that weekend cut.

If bowling over grandmothers (or vice versa) isn’t your idea of nice afternoon out, and if those cyber deals pass you by, you’re often left with the anxiety of tackling your holiday shopping list before the big day(s) without seeming like you just grabbed the last items on the shelf. But if you’re looking to go beyond a tacky novelty gift for the golfer on your list — and we know there’s at least or you wouldn’t be reading this — fret no more.

Our inaugural Gift Guide highlights a collection of CGB-trusted companies covering just about everything on your golfer’s wishlist, and often for less than your high-priced, major brand offerings. It’s difficult (at least for us) to pick just one item from these product lines, so you’ll still need to do a little browsing for the best fit. But from shoes, clothing and accessories to tech, putters and more, any of the following brands will help the golfer on your list look and act like they know what they’re doing.

Skramble Clothes

You can’t go wrong with the gift of a membership to one of the Internet’s most famous golf groups. OK, it’s not really a membership as much as a badge of honor, and it’s more of a “Skuad” than it is just another golf group. However you see it, anything emblazoned with the Skramble Clothes logo is sure to be noticed by others in the know with a head nod or a fist bump. With t-shirts, polos, outwear, hats and more, Skramble has everything your recipient will need to strut the course in style, and finally meet those “Skuad Goals.”

Atlas Premier

High performance golf attire is beginning to move away from the mainstream, and companies like Atlas Premier are leading that charge. With hats, tops, bottoms, outerwear and more, Atlas is creating functional lines for golfers on and off the course. The breathable material and sturdy build make Atlas products a go-to in all weather conditions — cooling in the summer months and a comfortable layer in colder temps — and the seams and cuts don’t impede flexibility. You’ll be pressed to find a design that doesn’t fit the golfer on your list, and after a few rounds they’ll have a new favorite performance clothing line.


Golf and … underwear? Stick with us, this isn’t the underwear your parents stuffed in your stockings. 2UNDR drawers, for men, feature what the company calls the “Joey Pouch,” which keeps the other stick and balls from unwanted skin contact — meaning less chaffing and a more comfortable feel. 2UNDR offers a variety of lines and styles to make sure your golfer looks and feels great on the course, at work or at home. If you’re one for a little man eye-candy yourself, you won’t be disappointed by the Joey Pouch, either (*wink).

36 Golf

It’s easy to see why 36 Golf made this year’s list, they’re just like us — unabashed lovers of the sport looking to make the game a little more fun for everyone. 36’s simple, minimal designs run throughout the company’s offerings, including hats, shirts, fleeces and accessories, and suit just about any kind of golfer regardless of style. No matter how bad your recipient’s swing is, 36 golf will make sure they look good doing it. And there’s no shame in that.

Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior is a staple in the novelty golf clothing and performance polo game, and should have a place in every golfer’s wardrobe. Make your first stop to at the premium tees page, rife with some of the best prints in the game — and grab a CGB logo t-shirt while you’re there. WW’s performance polos deliver subtle yet unique designs in a range of colors and styles, and hoodies and long sleeves will round out any outfit. With a Weekend Warrior label, everyone will know where to find your recipient between Friday and Monday.

True Links

There’s a reason True Links is the sole shoe company to make our list this year — and it’s because we wanted to use that pun. Joking aside, the company makes some of the best and most comfortable golf shoes we’ve slipped our feet into. True Links’ outlet lets you shop from a number of lines suited for golfers of any style, from classic and contemporary to more colorful and eye-catching designs. Browse the Outsider and Original lines for even more form and function on the course. True Links is one of the few companies with shoes your golfer can and may actually want to wear off the course, too. And when they realize just how much these shoes can impact their game — a solid swing starts with a stable stance — they won’t want to take them off.

Electric Golf

Sunglasses are a must on the course, and not just to add a finishing touch on an outfit. Average golfers spend A LOT of time looking for their ball — because golf is hard — and squinting in the sunlight or battling glare from cheap lenses doesn’t make it any easier. Electric sunglasses‘ new golf offerings deliver two-fold, with the OEM+ lenses blocking UV and HEV blue light for crisp, crystal clear vision, and designs suited for any occasion. Electric’s designs rest comfortably over the ears even with a hat — an issue we’ve had with other companies — while staying snug and stable during even the most violent swings.

Asher Golf

Golf gloves don’t get their fair share of attention, which is why we should be thankful for companies like Asher Golf who pay respect where it’s due. Elevate your recipient’s glove game with one of Asher’s colorful or flashy designs — always an added statement to any outfit. It’s not just about the looks, though, Asher gloves are built to withstand swing after swing after swing after swing, with a lesser chance of cracking, tears or holes, unlike some of those mainstream brands. “Make golf gloves great again.” — Asher golf (probably).


The divot tool to end all divot tools. That’s because Birdicorn‘s is a ball mark holder, putter holder, stencil, bottle opener, alignment aid and divot tool all in one. Get one in every color of the rainbow and trust the sturdy design to withstand everyday wear and tear. As if that isn’t enough, the company also offers matching ball markers, golf towels with scrub patches, hats, and fun t-shirt designs to compliment that green-side swagger.


It’s always nice to have some comedic relief ready for when the bogeys are racking up and tempers start flaring. Enter Sir Hissalot, a toy snake and Instagram’s favorite golf prank. There’s no secret to how it works: you set Hissalot down in the path of your target, scare the pants off them and everyone around points and laughs hysterically. The trick is getting it all on camera. Nothing on the golf course will ever be as funny as a perfectly played Hissalot prank, and few things are more memorable.

Cut Golf

Without a doubt your golfer can always use golf balls, and, thankfully, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for something they’re bound to lose at some point anymore. Cut Golf is a direct-to-consumer ball company, cutting as many costs as possible in the production process to make its 2- 3- and 4-piece balls affordable for everyone. The company cuts costs, not corners, meaning these golf balls are on par with mainstream brands, touting comparable distance, spin, response and green-side control players expect.


OnCore Golf, meanwhile, is on a mission to change the game with its cutting edge golf balls. It all started with the company’s Caliber ball, sporting a hollow metal core that combats wayward ball flight and improves roll off the face of the putter. Among OnCore’s other offerings is the Elixr, included in Golf Digest‘s 2017 Hot List, a three-piece ball sure to help take your golfer’s game to next level. The company isn’t showing signs of slowing down as it’s circulating that plans for the world’s smartest golf ball are already in the making.

Swing Society

Shirts, tools, balls, accessories — the hardest part of finding the right golf gift can be picking just one. If that’s the case for you, take the guesswork out of it with a Swing Society subscription. Swing Society finds the best of golf apparel and products each month to deliver a tailored gift box right to your favorite golfer’s front door. You never know what you’ll find in your Swing Society box, so really this is 12 gifts in 1, and sure to make your golfer the envy of their foursome.

Bradley Putters

For a guaranteed “wow” from your recipient, look no further Bradley Putters, a go-to for show stopping custom wood putters. The company hand-crafts each putter with gorgeous burl wood resulting in stunning, artful designs. Each piece is one-of-a-kind — build-your-own options are available too — and sure to give its owner plenty reason to show it off on the practice green. Don’t discount the performance on account of the wood — Bradley putters feel as good as they look, and are built to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use (with a lifetime guarantee, too). If you need a second opinion, ask golf.com, which included Bradley Putters in its “Best Products from 2017 PGA Merchandise Show.”

Raybon putters

For a custom putter design using more traditional materials, Raybon Putters does not disappoint. Shop from Raybon’s Signature Collection, or build your own from four showroom base designs. From start to finish the custom design process is a blast, personalizing each piece of the putter, from insert to grip and everything in between. Raybon putters’ performance on the course is also nothing short of spectacular, the milled designs delivering control and consistency on every stroke. (Now if you could only give the gift of birdie putts…)

Outside of the hottest new driver, a new set of clubs or a destination golf vacation, it’s hard to beat from the brands on this list when shopping for the golfers in your life.

Editor’s note: CGB receives products direct from manufacturers for advertorial purposes. All reviews posted on this site are not associated with advertising agreements unless otherwise noted.

Golf balls that will add to your game before you lose them

Unless you’re completely oblivious to your golf game, you should care about your golf ball, at least a little bit. Average golfers shouldn’t be as worried about “control” or “spin” as advertised by their favorite pros — you know as well as I do you don’t know exactly how to take advantage of that anyways. But even if you’re shooting in 100s, it’s easy to recognize the feel, response, flight, and other qualities of the ball when it hits the sweet spot.

Technology is the name of the game when it comes to golf balls, much like everything else, and we’ve come a long way from the round rocks or whatever the game’s forefathers used. Of course, your Pro V-1s and Callaway Chrome Softs speak for themselves. You’ve played them before, so we won’t waste your time. But if you’re looking to go beyond $8 balls and those Top Flites you found in the bush, here are the brands to keep in mind.

We average golfers lose (and find) balls on a pretty regular basis, so expect this list to continue to grow as the scorecards come in.

OnCore Elixr

OnCore states it bluntly on its website, “We’ve changed the game of golf.” Though it’s a common phrase, OnCore may be on to something there, given that they’re touting a hollow metal core golf ball. The Caliber, one of three OnCore offerings ($20.00 and up), is a 3-piece surlyn ball, the metal core designed to keep the ball on a straighter trajectory while in flight. If your swing speed is sub-100mph and you have a penchant for accuracy, you may have found a new favorite.

OnCore ups the ante again with the Elixr, with a polybutadiene rubber core, metal-infused ionomer mantle (read: metallic flecks inside) and a cast urethane cover. Really, who cares what’s inside as long as it’s durable, flies straight, and sticks to greens — check, check, and check. The Elixr cuts through headwinds with ease, seems to release on-command, and offers a soft touch on and around the greens. 

Kirkland Signature

Kirkland golf ball

Also known as “the rarest specimen in golf,” to say Costco’s first foray into the golf game was a success is an under statement. The Kirkland Signature, a 4-piece urethane coated ball, made its brief debut in 2016 before promptly selling out, twice. Word is the ball will be back, according to the company’s CEO, but when that’ll happen is anyone’s guess. Keep an eye on the shelves for what can only be described as Costco’s cheaper version of the Pro V-1 — so much so that the two companies are in the midst of a patent lawsuit — at only $30 for two dozen. (If you’re hoarding a stock and fielding offers, name your price.)

Vice Golf

Vice Golf

Landing on Golf Digest‘s 2015 Hot List, Vice Golf’s offerings come exactly as advertised. From the Drive and Tour lines to the Pro and the Pro+, Vice has the perfect fit for all types of swings and golfers — neon and flamingo pink finishes available, too ($10.95 and up before shipping). Our choice pick goes to the Pro+. The 4-piece urethane, dual cased ball boasts tremendous distance from the tee, soft feel on the club face, smooth, consistent ball flight, and “S2TG” (Stick to the green) technology for confidence around the dance floor. Snag a sample pack or try Vice’s ball recommender to find your next go-to.

Cut Golf Co.

Cut Golf Co.

Damn near brand new to the game, Cut Golf Co.’s goal is as much about the product as it is about the service — that being at-home delivery and bottom dollar prices. It’s simple, really, you pick the best ball for your game, choose your shipping frequency, and start spraying them from the tee. Cut Golf has four lines of balls to choose from ($14.95 and up): Red, White, and Blue; two-piece, three-piece and four-piece respectively. Weekend hackers will appreciate the distance and feel of Cut Red, while lower handicaps will benefit from the soft feel and ample response of the urethane Cut Blue line.


Volvik golf ball

Those dimples though. Volvik is pretty proud of its technological advancements but the short of it is this: it owns a lot of patents and is definitely not afraid to do things differently. Designed specifically to address wind resistance, drag, elasticity and control, it’s no wonder the company is on a tear lately. With nine models to choose from, in a variety of, um, energetic colors ($22.99 and up), you’re not likely to get your ball mixed up with someone else’s. Though we haven’t put wood to each line, we have tried our hand at the Vivid — now a default safe-play ball in a couple CGB bags with its matte finish and tremendous consistency with a slower swing speed.

What are you playing? We’re bound to lose all of these sometime soon, so shout out your favorite bands and give ’em a go.

Bradley Putters, PlayYourCourse join for custom putter giveaway


This Luna could be all yours.

PlayYourCourse and Bradley Putters are teaming up to give away an incredible handmade wooden putter.

New to the game, Bradley Putter Co. made a splash last year with its one-of-a-kind handmade short sticks, crafted from striking blocks of wood and sporting gorgeous design finishes. What’s more, Bradley putters are more than just trophy pieces, touting impressive performance and control on the green, and with an addicting feel. Custom putters seem to come a dime a dozen nowadays, but Bradley Putters has set itself above the rest, even named golf’s “next big thing” by GOLF.com.

It makes sense, then, that Bradley is joining with another company taking a new approach to a familiar part of the game for this giveaway. PlayYourCourse is one of the fastest growing golf lesson services in the country, making PGA and LPGA certified teaching professionals more accessible to hackers of all handicaps across the country. Lower scores and professional insight is a mere click or phone call away, and more affordable than ever.


Bradley’s one-of-a-kind designs make your bag look better, and your scorecard, too.

Back to the matter at hand, the first-ever Bradley/PlayYourRound putter giveaway features a 34.5-inch, 350g Luna design — 2.5-degree loft and a 70-degree lie angle — sourced from Buckeye Wood.

Claiming this one-of-a-kind bag candy is easier than a four-foot bogey putt, just enter your name and email address by June 15 for your chance to win. Then check back with @bradleyputters, @playyourcourse and @coloradogolfblog on Instagram to see if you struck it big.


— With Bradley Putter Co.

The Cobra F7 keeps you truly connected to your golf game


It’s not every day you get to track your shots with real time numbers from tee to green, but it can be. The new Cobra King F7, debuting its new Cobra Connect technology, is designed to do just that with GPS tracking, hole layouts, King of the Hole challenges and more delivered right to your smartphone.

Ever since Taylormade’s iconic “bubble shaft,” drivers have stayed at the forefront of new golf stuff conversations — Epic, “pull the pin,” vertical grooves, “the no.1 driver on tour,” you know what I’m talking about. It seems to be getting more and more difficult for club makers to stay ahead of the competition while maintaining results for the pros and selling to average hackers, but Cobra’s new Connect technology is an interesting approach.


Using the Arccos Driver app on your smartphone, the F7 (along with the F7+ and King LTD Black) tracks your progress on the course using a special sensor implanted in the grip. GPS data from thousands of courses enable you to view satellite images of holes and renderings of your shot trajectories, and provides some extra competition with King of the Hole challenges (more on that in a little bit).

Getting used to the set up with the app takes a bit — much like figuring out all the features of any kind of new technology — but after a couple holes you’ll get the hang of how it all works. Set up at the tee with your phone in your pocket, the Connect sensor in the grip sends a signal to the app once the driver is hit. Using a number of sensors in your phone including GPS and the microphone (surveillance-wary be warned) the app reads your body movement and the time between shots, “listening” to ball contact to track shot to shot.


Taking full advantage of the Connect technology can get a little annoying. I for one don’t look at my phone after each shot — which is necessary to ensure the app is working — nor do I like keeping my phone in my pocket while swinging a club (Cobra recommends your phone be kept in your front pocket to capture the most accurate data). And one hiccup — 9 of 10 times due to user error — can leave you high and dry data wise until you reach the next tee box. After a couple of rounds playing with the new tech, though, working the app into your pre (and post) shot routine gets a little easier and won’t really mess with the flow of your game.

The highlight of the mobile app has to be the King of the Hole challenges which puts your longest drives up against every other Cobra Connect player who’s played at a given course — and who doesn’t like a little more competition. Seeing what other players were able to accomplish with the same club at the same course is a great feature, almost as great as the feeling of one upping them.

Cobra’s technological trailblazing may be more than just a worthwhile gamble, this could be a bridge to another level of golf technology. Oh how far we’ve come. Players at every level are always excited about the newest drivers, but giving them an accessible way to be more engaged with their individual game, with real time data and feedback, is something we haven’t seen before.

Putter Buddy is your greenside caddy

Putter Buddy wedge

Wet grips, forgotten wedges, towel-less when you need it most — just a few of the many lesser-pleasures of golf. Most of us average golfers don’t enjoy caddy service regularly, but the Putter Buddy ($19.95, towel included) makes for a good stand-in.

There’s not a lot to say about the design of the Putter Buddy, which is a good thing in this case, given that space tends to be limited in most golf bags. The subtle features it does highlight are all about form and function. The protective sleeve on the curved handle prevents wear and damage on club grips, while the o-ring at the tip of the handle provides convenient towel storage and access.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how it works either, but here it goes: Stick pointed end of the Putter Buddy into the ground, rest clubs safely inside curved handle, secure enough to hold a number of clubs. Easy peasy.

Putt Buddy training

Putter Buddy also advertises itself as a training aid, something that took me a moment to figure out. Placing your wrist inside the the curved handle and gripping the Putter Buddy with your wedge or putter, take to the practice green and work on keeping your wrists from breaking for a more fluid stroke.

You may not have a caddy to help you with your reads, but it’s nice to have a buddy with you on the green.

Putt-A-Round for fun, and lower scores

putt-a-roundGolf training aids come a dime-a-dozen — we’re all guilty of gifting a questionably-legitimate swing correcting gadget or, even worse, a laser guided putter attachment at least once. The myriad of “fix your slice forever” and “two putts or less” tools is far past the point of overwhelming, enough to make you say screw it to all of them (#ThreePutts4Life). But the Putt-A-Round isn’t as much a training aid as it is a discreet, stylish putting game built for those looking to swing the short stick inside (and possibly take a few strokes off your short game, if you’re into that sort of thing).

Consisting of a few simple, easy to assemble aluminum pieces, the Putt-A-Round is designed as a 360-degree target, standing at a little more than a foot off the ground — minimalism at its finest. The simplicity of the design may very well be what makes our favorite feature of the Putt-A-Round all the more striking, that being the customizable flags. Pre-printed flags are available, but unless you really want another American flag-printed golf accessory, go for the personal monogram option, or, better yet, submit a logo or design of your choice.

Though more can be said about the minimalistic design — like the brilliance of the angled plates that capture and hold on-target shots — it does have its downfalls when it comes to how the Putt-A-Round plays. The target is large enough to hold four golfballs snuggly, errant shots are off slamming into the walls or rolling under the furniture. When putting at the 360-degree target from only one angle, though, the shot is completely obstructed once a ball is in the plates’ grasp. It’s not a big deal to simply rotate the target a quarter turn before your next attempt, but if you’re using the Putt-A-Round as a training aid — trying to focus on addressing your ball and finding your line — a back-and-fourth to the target after each shot can get a little old. Captain obvious would say aim at the target from multiple angles, but not everyone has room in the office or apartment to make that happen — at least not without putting a few putter marks in the wall.

At address the Putt-A-Round looks like a big, inviting target — larger than the standard cup size — but get lazy with your line and you won’t have much luck. Spot-on putts payoff not only with a satisfying look at your ball set snug within the plates, but with an even more intoxicating ping noise. We can neither confirm nor deny this sound as being planned in the designed, but believe us, it’s as gratifying as the sound of a pured driver.

The Putt-A-Round has inherited a permanent spot on our at-home practice greens (living rooms and offices), and has easily become a go-to golf gift option for any occasion. Its compact, sleek design will fit in in any home, apartment, or office — even more so with a one-of-a-kind flag. We’ve intentionally waited to note the price of the Putt-A-Round until now, that’s because $29.97 — Games and Prize kits vary in price — is an afterthought for a training aid we’ll actually use more than once.

Editor’s note: CGB receives products direct from manufacturers for advertorial purposes. All reviews posted on this site are not associated with advertising agreements unless otherwise noted.