“Distance” is the Holy Grail for golfers everywhere. Every golfer I’ve ever talked or given lessons to always asks how to hit the ball farther. Even without them asking, the constant barrage of $600 drivers all the major manufacturers, specialized balls promising extra yards, and distance-driven strength training is a testament to that never-ending chase to hit the ball as far as you can. But the quest for longer shots actually starts from the ground up — literally the only point of contact between us and the ground, our feet and the shoes we’re wearing — an oft overlooked source to maximize distance.

Athalonz is a golf shoe brand many may not be familiar with. But those who hit the ball really, really far, including many on the World Long Drive Tour, are wearing these shoes. Why? Because those who can hit the ball 400 plus yards know ground contact is absolutely critical.

If you’ve ever had your foot slip on wet grass while making a golf swing, you already know the importance of maintaining solid footing — even more so when we’re swinging the club harder to hit the ball farther. Solid footing is what Athalonz stakes its name on, going as far as guaranteeing longer drives and more fairways.

AthalonzThe science behind these shoes is what drives the company (the EnVe model alone holds four US Patents). “Shoes are a force transfer system. Via physics principals, the forces can be manipulated to improve power,” the company says. Anthalonz golf shoes are designed with “the right angles in the right places” to promote the natural transfer of forces throughout your entire golf swing, increasing your power by “at least 9%,” the company says.

Now, I’m no scientist, and I’m often skeptical of gains such as those when advertised — I can’t confirm or deny a 9% increase in power with any real data. But after a number of rounds in varied conditions, I can confirm the comfort and stability Athalonz offer, letting me feel free to swing I hard as I can without worry of slipping out of my shoes. The subtle, modern slip-on design stands out in all the right ways, with muted colors offset by a bright leather-colored band wrapped around the heel, and goes with just about any outfit, too.

As a teaching pro and all around avid golfer practicing and playing way more than my body oftentimes can withstand, finding comfortable, durable, and stabilizing shoes is critical to the enjoyment of my golf round — and my distance numbers — and Athalonz may just be living up to all of those promises.

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