Golf hats you need right now

Let me guess, you rock your Titleist, Nike, or whatever brand-name hat regularly on the course. Real original. Not to get all new-age millennial golfer on you, but there WAY better options to cap your style on the course. There’s a plethora of creative, well-built, not-your-average styles in today’s golf hat game that’ll make you regret all those rounds you played looking like every other member of Team Titleist.

Hats are a must, not only for the obvious practical reasons, but because “look good play good” is a real thing — at least for the self-proclaimed fashionistas in the CGB crew and the like-minded. Oh, and for our friends wearing visors (women and long-haired players not included), read this carefully: THROW YOUR VISORS AWAY AND BUY A DAMN HAT. (Sorry, but really, not a good look).

A good golf hat is the result of a harmonious trinity: style, design, and build. A sturdy, well-proportioned front face should draw just enough attention to the logo or design. It’s also crucial said logo or design isn’t that of your everyday brand — we’re past that now, remember? Whether it’s funny, abstract, or an off-brand logo, the design is the centerpiece of your entire look, so choose wisely. Last and anything but least is the build. You can find a great looking hat that was mass produced for a few cents on the dollar — just see how many rounds it lasts you.

Given that we’re unabashed golf hat junkies, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Check back for the most recent updates:

1. Golf Gods


If you’re looking for a smooth transition from your worn-out Titleist hat, Golf God’s “Titties” snapback ($30.75) is the natural choice. This well-made, Instagram-famous hat comes in a variety of colors, and and a hard-fought favorite in the Golf Gods line of apparel.

2. Devereux


The “G*LF” Snapback ($35.00) just gets us, and fellow hackers will know just how real you are when sporting the four letter word on or off the course. This design comes in white or black, and just one of several Devereux styles and designs.

3. Birds of Condor


Golfers have a simple vocabulary — if it isn’t “par” or better, it’s another kind of four-letter word. Birds of Condor’s designs cover both ends of that spectrum, and are among the best out there right now. Bright and neutral colors and prints, and mesh options available, too ($39.95 and up).

4. Skramble


If there’s a squad you want to be a part of, it’s the Skramble Skuad. Prolific on Instagram and tearing up courses from here to Japan, you’ll recognize fellow members of the Skuad wearing any one of Skramble’s one-of-a-kind lines ($19.99 and up).



DVTS are the only hats that can claim to have THE official tee slot (and it’s everything you want it to be). Getting a little more hipster on you now, the look of the Elijah Camper Hat, right, ($25.00) is this writer’s favorite of DVTS’ designs.


Author: Craig Lemley

Co-Founder, Editor

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